Helmets Don’t Seem to Exist for Women Lacrosse

Lacrosse helmets need to happen for woman’s lacrosse soon. Women lacrosse can get violent with the random swipes with the net stick. The stick is light but if one was to hit a girl hard enough she would get a cut or bruise. Could also gouge out her out if she happens to get hit there. I’m sure woman players do not play to harm their opponents. But, girls get jealous during these sports events. Always, over a guy or who looks better. Jealousy mixed with woman wanting to hit other with a stick to win a game is deadly. Best lacrosse helemts should be issued to woman as soon as they play the game. More reasons why they should below.

Helmets Don’t Seem to Exist for Women Lacrosse

Concussions Are Increasing In Sport

Over the years, concussions have been increasing in lacrosse sport. Maybe women are not as violent as men in sports. But, one concussion can lead to many other concussions on the field. The girls do not play on soft cushy floors with bunnies. They play on hard grass that can hurt them if they hit it too hard. Concussions are not something you want to have either. Concussions come from the head being hit hard. They can cause your mind to go blank. Cause your skull to crack pieces of your brain. Switch off the normal human functions that make you human and turn you into some deranged animal. Does every concussion do this to people? No, but all it takes is one bad concussion to make you realize you should of listened. Don’t let your girl go on that grass field with no helmet. See that she is wearing the best lacrosse helmet she can buy. One with full face and eye protection. Protect her from getting her face dirty and having a nasty head concussion.

Furthermore, hospital bills are rising these days. Do you want to pay for your daughter in hospital? Concussions is not like a little girl fight. You have to put her in the hospital so doctors can see if she needs an operation. This hospital process is going to cost money. There is no dying it there. Make her wear the helmet to prevent that too.

 Girls Could Ruin Their College Dreams

Girls could very well ruin their college dreams by having a head that no longer works. No wearing a helmet and getting knocked down too many times can very well cause you to lose your smarts. Its not a myth and is quite on the scientific fact of things. Women have delicate minds that should not be tempered at a young age, so they can go to school and get a career job. If their minds is banged up to the point where they can not think of something, their minds will not be able to pass the tests need to finish college. If you care about your daughter’s future, make her wear a helmet when she go on the field.

Protection to Their Pretty Faces

Woman need their looks when they grow up. They want to attract many boys to them. Only a helmet can protect their face on lacrosse field and ensure their looks won’t go out the window. Women, deep down inside feel they are nothing without their looks. All the other stuff is just fluff. The fancy clothes, house, and the jewelry mean nothing compared to looks. You send your daughter out there with no helmet and she will one day hate you for not making her wear a lacrosse helmet. The little one might think its important now to have fun with Friends and play. But, when you play a sport that is little rough, a helmet is needed to keep head protected and make sure you have future waiting for you. Looks also matter when it comes to getting a nice job. Your daughter needs to take care of herself, so the future is something she can have.

Huge Debate About Female Lax Players Not Wearing Gear

Recently, a little girl cracked her skull in Lacrosse. She was going for a ball when another player shoved her in the wall. It not known if it was concrete or soft metal. She wasn’t expecting it to happen but it did. This is why you need to wear best lacrosse helmets at all times. A incident happened to me that is very similar to this. One time, I was running into a tennis racket and got my eye messed up. I didn’t expect it to happen either. My eye was badly bruised but it was able to heal on its own. Nobody thinks a tennis racket can cause that much damage but they can. That’s how life is. Unpredictable and expects you to learn from your accidents or face them again. This girl that cracked her skull should remind Lacrosse players they need to wear best lacrosse helmets at all times. The sport is not as violent as football. But, your head needs to be protected if it is being hit in the head constantly. More reasons to convince you below.

Huge Debate About Female Lax Players Not  Wearing Gear

Players Are Hit in Head Constantly

Players in lacrosse are hit in the head constantly rather you want to believe it or not. There are rules in lacrosse. Rules that say players can not hit others in the head. But, this head collision rule is hard to live by when you deal with sticks that almost always go by your head. Only a matter of time before you get hit. Let’s say you ignore the first 5 hits. Then, one big one comes smacking you and makes you want to quit. But, you hold it in and think you can take it. No, you must never do that in a sport that does not pay you. In sports like these, you should equip the best lacrosse helmet and play. Not matter the odds of percentages. Head must be free from all head collisions that it come in contact with.

 Players Are Not Required to Wear Protective Gear But Should

Today, most lacrosse players are not required to wear protective gear. I found that to be strange and so should you. Most of the people who play the sport are playing for fun. They are not winning anything that can be used for value. All the players in sport should be wearing gear from the top to the toes. Protecting their feet, elbows, head, eyes, and trying to protect anything else needed. Especially, the eyes because the eyes are in charge of seeing what is in front of you. Lacrosse girls should wear gear more so than the boys. Girls are more likely to fall down and break something. Their skin is softer and made with less roughness. Their muscles have the tendacy to be weaker. All this means when they receive a impact it is really going to hurt. Women should not be hurting in a game. They should be wearing proper gear and having fun.

 Women Need to Protect Their Pretty Faces

For the most part, women need lacrosse gear to make their face pretty. You know what happens to a girl who does not have a pretty face. She gets less job opportunity and less capable mate. Meaning, how life is downgraded because her face is badly scared from lacrosse. Women need to protect their beauty for a long time. They need it to be nice in ripe in their 30s so they can possibly find a future mate. There is no way that is going to happen when their head is banged up from each lacrosse game. It might look stupid now. But, in the future, the women who wear a lacrosse helmet will realize that protecting their face is more important than winning in a sport that amounts to nothing other than relaxing.


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